Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neutrino?

Neutrino is a virtual currency that offers enhanced privacy and security features.

How does Neutrino work?

It's easiest to explain how Neutrino works by showing an example. Let's say Alice wants to buy a painting from Bob for 5 Neutrinos. Bob gives Allice a Neutrino address from his wallet (e.g., "Nxxxxxx"). Sally, then enters the address and the number of Neutrinos to send into the Neutrino wallet software installed on her mobile device, and clicks "Send". A few seconds later, Bob gets a notification that the funds have arrived. There are very low transaction fees and the funds can be sent anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

How does Neutrino improve the privacy of my financial transations?

Neutrino improves your privacy by using two key technologies:

  • Your communication is routed via multiple hops in the Tor network and then forwarded to all users on the Neutrino network. By using the Tor network, Neutrino prevents others from learning your location, which they can use to link your identity to your financial transaction history. With Neutrino, your Internet connections don't give you away by default.
  • Neutrino uses end-to-end encryption for your transaction data, based on military-grade encryption (SSL with 2048 bit keys). This is the same technology used by banks and government agencies to communicate sensitive information securely on the Internet.

How private is Neutrino?

No privacy or security mechanism is absolute. Neutrino improves your privacy by making it much harder for someone snooping on your internet connection to gather financial information about you, but there are security attacks that can still compromise your data, such as key-loggers, phishing scams, etc.

How can I get Neutrinos?

Currently, the only way to get Neutrinos will be through a process called mining. In the near future, Neutrino will also be available to buy on several online exchanges.

How is Neutrino different from Bitcoin and other altcoins?

Neutrino shares many of the best features of Bitcoin, but it differs by adding the following key improvements:

  • Encrypted communication
  • Communication takes place without revealing your location or IP address
  • Faster blocks (2.5 minutes vs. 10 minutes with Bitcoin)

What are the technical specifications for Neutrino?

The technical specifications for Neutrino can be found here.