How To Mine Neutrino

CPU Mining Within The Neutrino Wallet

Neutrino is available to mine within the client however more advanced configurations may be required as the network hasrate and difficulty increase over time.


Open the debug window from the help menu ('Help' -> 'Debug Window') and then select the console tab. In the text box at the bottom of the window type:

setgenerate true

Alternatively, you can add the following to your neutrinocoin.conf configuration file:


Mining Software

There are several open source mining tools available to use to mine Neutrino. CG Miner 3.7.2 (Kalroth Fork) is known to work both for solo and pool mining.

Pool Mining

The Neutrino Foundation does not operate mining pool however several pools are available for pool mining. If you would like your pool added to the list below, please contact us.

Available Pools: