Name Neutrino
Symbol NTR
Launch Date 31 March 2014
Total Coins 210,000,000 NTR + 1.1% annually
Initial Block Reward 3992 NTR Until Block 52597 (3 Month Target)
Current Block Reward 10.978 (1.1% Annual Supply Growth)
Target Block Time 2.5 Minutes
Difficulty Retarget Every 12 Blocks (30 Minute Target)
Hashing Algorithm Scrypt Proof-of-Work
Minimum Transaction Fee 0.001 NTR
Confirmations 6 Confirmations
Maturity 120 Blocks
RPC Port 8776
P2P Port 8777
Data Transport Tor Hidden Service
Encryption End-to-end Encryption via Onion Routing and Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Origin Fork of Litecoin 0.8.6
Source Code https://github.com/neutrinocoin/neutrinocoin